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5 steps to solve life rust stainless steel

Stainless steel screws frequently used in daily life, but a long time easy to rust, if rusty, stainless steel screws to loosen. With the following aspects to solve:

An earthquake: for rusty screws, do not tighten with a wrench hard to prevent slippery tighten the screws six-sided edges, twist off the screw or unscrew bad wrench. In this case, a hammer can be used to gently shake the handle of the wrench, the general rusted screws can shake unscrew.

2 knock: a hammer with a flat top edge, knocking rust stainless steel nuts, it is easy to make the nut loose. For example, the bicycle pedals at both ends of the fixing bolts of the nut, according to the thickness of the foot plate, the metal structure, to grasp the size of the percussion force at the nut. Cast iron can be hard nut at the slightly larger, plastic place to tap. If that does not work, then beat with a hammer in the direction of circling the nut, the nut can be easily disassembled.

3 Burning: Some screws embroidered erosion is very serious, using the above method still works, you can use "Fire Attack." Oxidizing flame to use welding screws, nuts fully barbecue, and then drops to a hot screw trace of oil. The purpose of heating is to screw the screw thermal expansion. The purpose is to screw drip cold shrink rapidly, increasing the gap between the screw and stainless steel nuts, nut to tighten the oil flowing into the next. But be careful if you have plastic devices near this method.

4 stroke: stainless steel top screw some devices corrosion to take shape, you can not use wrenches, pliers discharged, either by Impact. First downright flat screwdriver with a hammer and the impact of a v-shaped groove in the top of the screw in the vertical direction. Then, adjust the red cone angle, spin out the screws along the direction of impact. After the loose, you can use pliers to unscrew the screw. "One" or "cross" screw slip port, this method can also be used, combined with wire cutters Unscrew the screw.

5 welding: When removing the device, twist off the screw situation not uncommon. Right off the top of the screw, generally do not use an electric drill, because the slightest mistake will drill a bad wire holes. A better approach is to use the broken wire welding weld on a long iron. Section of iron from stainless steel screw diameter indeed.

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