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       Hing is a set of standard pieces of hardware manufacturing, sales, logistics in one of the production-oriented enterprises. Hing technical team is owned by a number of screws 20 years experience in the production technicians and a group of young engineering staff, specializing in the production of various types of copper screws, stainless steel screws, carbon steel screws, rivets and shaped cold heading parts.

        Hing existing plant area of ​​about 1500m2, with screws 80 sets of production equipment, including cold heading machine (heading machine) 45, thread rolling machine 45, to produce the maximum screw diameter of 12mm, up to 200mm. Hing products are widely used in medical equipment, motorcycle, instrumentation, trolley bags, small appliances, lighting, car audio, stoves cooker, switch socket. Meanwhile, Hing has a good working relationship with CTI, PONY, SGS and other testing agencies, by detecting the authoritative testing organizations to ensure Hing products in terms of environmental requirements, antirust ability or mechanical properties can meet the requirements of high-end customers.


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